Attenhofer's Stained Glass Studio, L.L.C.

Artwork made by Cynthia Courage

Each piece is hand made with 7-12 individual plates of painted glass that has been kiln fired multiple times to create a 3D image. The concept is to give a feeling that you are immersed or walking into these pieces. This is something that should been see in person to realize the 3D affect. This work starts with a photo of the concept and then it is developed and processed. Each layer is hand painted to create the next step into the next plate of work. The frames are custom hand made and then stained. The weight of each individual artwork varies from 3-7 pounds.  This artwork is freestanding and can sit on your furniture top with a soft lamp behind, a window sill, or anywhere light can pass through. This makes a great gift for art collectors, nature lovers, and friends of the City of New Orleans that love their "Live Oak Trees". Cindy has been painting on glass for over thirty years and is really enjoying fabricating this type of work. Please call to visit and view these treasures in person.

We will be reducing the prices of these beautiful one of a kind artworks during the month of November.  The prices listed range from 15% to 30% off.