Attenhofer's Stained Glass Studio, L.L.C.

About Us

Attenhofer's Stained Glass is a professional stained glass studio that has been serving the New Orleans area for over 50 years. Currently owned and run by Cynthia Courage, Attenhofer's was founded by Ken Attenhofer back in the early 1970's.

Cynthia Courage is an accomplished artist and businesswoman, with over 30 years experience in the commercial glass industry.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing from Southwest Texas State University. Cynthia's association with Attenhofer's Stained Glass Studio began over 20 years ago after relocation to the New Orleans area when she began working at the studio.

After taking ownership of Attenhofer's in 2002, Cynthia obtained the first contractor's license in Louisiana in Specialty Stained Glass and Restoration (#41591). Her shop maintains the standards set for the industry as a result of this accomplishment.

Cynthia's passion for the art of Stained Glass inspires her to continually increase her knowledge and augment her skills.  She regularly continues her education through various master classes and seminars such as one held at the New York Metropolitan Museum for Stained Glass Conservation.  Cynthia also actively maintains professional memberships in the Stained Glass industry, including: the American Glass Guild, the Stained Glass Association of America, the Preservation Resource Committee (featuring local historic stained glass tours), and the American Institute of Conservation.  She served a full term on the Board of Directors of the American Glass Guild (2016-2022).
Cynthia's expertise for historic Stained Glass renovation/restoration has been honed by extensive work in the New Orleans area.  She has successfully restored historic stained glass masterworks of German, French, Flemish, Old English, Spanish, and American provenance. Cynthia's extensive knowledge and experience in historic restoration has led her tor travel to many areas in the Gulf South that have had their stained glass treasures devastated by natural disasters.


Cynthia welcomes the opportunity to work with her customers on their Stained Glass projects. Cynthia's artistic creations and restorations may be seen throughout the New Orleans area. Some of her most notable works include: Our Lady of Lourdes, new windows, (site destroyed during Hurricane Katrina), Our Lady of Visitation, Chapel window, Jesuit School Library entrance, St. Rita's Perpetual Chapel, St. Joseph's Church (Rose window restoration), St. Alphonse Church (various window panels), Sacred Heart (Canal Boulevard, entire church window restoration), Ascension of Our Lord Church,  total conservation/restoration, (La Place, LA), St. Catherine of Sienna, Metairie, LA (80 panels restored), Wally Pontiff memorial window, custom residential design and installation, Great Rose window at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Covington (custom design, fabrication and installation), Pro Multis Chapel, (conservation and installation of historic windows), John Calvin Presbyterian Chapel windows (custom design, fabrication and installation), St. Paul the Apostle, New Orleans East, (custom design, fabrication and installation and repair of existing windows), St Genevieve, Slidell, LA (removal of windows after Hurricane Katrina and subsequent conservation and reinstallation in new church), Divine Mercy Church, Kenner, LA (complete restoration and installation of historic windows), Saint Louis Cathedral, window restoration after severe vandalism.  Please visit our gallery to see some of these projects.